NCG is fully HACCP and IS09001:2016 Quality Management Systems certified.

We have achieved these certifications to provide our partners, their staff and customers with the highest degree of comfort. They can be assured that food safety, quality management, consistency and compliance are taken seriously.


A global standard, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification is a systematic, preventative approach to food safety. HACCP compliant organisations have the capacity to prioritise and control potential hazards in food production.

NCG’s HACCP compliance is implemented on an individual site basis, ensuring food safety and cleaning procedures tailored to our partner’s specific requirements.

HACCP compliance is strictly audited. Consistent record keeping, operational oversight and microbial monitoring ensure NCG and our partners meet or exceed HACCP compliance.

ISO9001:2016 Quality Management Systems

A global quality standard, ISO9001:2016 is a certification of NCG’s quality management systems (QMS). The standard is evidence of the systemised approach to quality management that NCG takes to ensure our partner’s needs are understood, agreed and fulfilled.

ISO9001:2016 certifies NCG’s efficiency, cost, customer experience, risk management and market scope. ISO9001:2016 is (awarded in) a recognition of our company’s creation of a productive internal culture implementing best practice in management and strategy.

ISO9001:2016 provides our partners and stakeholders with the certifiable confidence that NCG will meet agreed expectations, and comply with or exceed all relevant regulations.

The certification requires direct assessment by NCG’s customers and partners, as well as objective third party assessment to ensure conformity. The certification also requires continuous evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness, and the implementation of constant improvement.


NCG undertakes continual research and development to ensure our partners are serviced with leading edge cleaning technology.

Our fleet of equipment comprises sweepers, dosing machines, portable foaming machines, automated floor scrubbers, swab testing machines, pressure washers and steam washers.

Our machinery is maintained according to strict manufacturer maintenance schedules and is cleaned with the same degree of rigour as the facilities we maintain.


NCG systems and processes are uniquely tailored to the requirements of our partners and every site we maintain.

In consultation with our site partners, and with the intention of exceeding the strict HACCP and ISO9001:2016 requirements, NCG develops a detailed site operating procedure (SOP) that covers the total scope of our partner’s daily, weekly and monthly cleaning requirements.

Vitally, NCG SOPs are constantly evaluated and improved in consultation with our partners and with feedback from our frontline cleaning team.

NCG implements both routine and periodic cleaning and sanitising systems to achieve effective hygiene outcomes. We undertake microbial analyses, with our in-house swab testing and analysis providing confidence that surfaces are absolutely free from bacteria.

Our combination of food grade chemicals and high-tech dosing machines ensure total hygiene without undue wear surface wear.

NCG SOPs include constant monitoring to guarantee compliance with our partners’ requirements. Through visual analysis, titration tests, microbiological testing, surface soil and allergen testing, NCG provides daily certainty that facilities are cleaned effectively.


NCG’s team is committed to developing cleaning systems and processes that minimise environmental impact. The equipment, operating procedures and chemicals NCG selects have been chosen specifically for their efficiency and ability to maintain healthy environments, without compromising the cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities we maintain.

NCG works closely with our partners to ensure that their sustainability goals are met and exceeded, and has the capacity to tailor operating procedure to meet any requirements and targets.


At NCG our people are our strength highly professional and trained for excellence We have worked to create and maintain a culture where attention to detail and absolute commitment to the health and safety of end facility users is a minimum expectation.

Following instruction in NCG policy and process, our team is trained in the standard operating procedures of each site. A competency-based assessment including a written questionnaire and a practical observation verifies the understanding of the key aspects relating to safety and methodology.

NCG also perform on the-job training to ensure our teams are fully inducted on our partners’ premises before cleaning services are commenced.

Commercial services

Cleaning services for the food, beverage and manufacturing industries.

Corporate services

For all general office cleaning and specialist cleaning services.


Dedicated to providing a clean environment for our future leaders to learn.


Providing cleaning solutions for general common areas, food courts, bathrooms and more.

Hospitality services

We offer specialist cleaning to clubs, pubs, hotels, function centres and restaurants.

Residential services

For all home cleaning services including specialty cleaning such as carpets and windows.