NCG has worked with a range of corporate spaces to develop operating procedures that assure staff and stakeholders of the utmost in workplace cleanliness.

Clean offices and work environments improve productivity. They also ensure the people that occupy those spaces are healthy and that businesses are compliant with workplace health and safety policy.

NCG specialise in office and corporate workplaces, applying lessons learned from the front lines of the manufacturing and hospitality industry to offer a total sanitation and cleaning service.

In addition to detailed dust management and general cleaning of office areas, kitchens and bathrooms, vital elements of functioning workplaces is a priority. Telephone receivers, keyboards, electronic equipment and contact surfaces like door handles are targeted by NCG as potential areas of microbial activity. Chemicals used in these processes are designed for effectiveness without causing wear.

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Commercial services

Cleaning services for the food, beverage and manufacturing industries.

Corporate services

For all general office cleaning and specialist cleaning services.


Dedicated to providing a clean environment for our future leaders to learn.


Providing cleaning solutions for general common areas, food courts, bathrooms and more.

Hospitality services

We offer specialist cleaning to clubs, pubs, hotels, function centres and restaurants.

Residential services

For all home cleaning services including specialty cleaning such as carpets and windows.