Welcome to NCG

At National Cleaning Group we pride ourselves with all that we have achieved in becoming cleaning specialists. We provide our clients, both small and large, tailored cleaning services. Our services extend a wide range of sectors including commercial, corporate, retail, educational, hospitality and residential. We at National Cleaning Group are set a part because we understand that your needs are unique to your business - and it is our goal to provide you with specialised cleaning services and solutions.

We at National Cleaning Group offer a range of services for a variety of sectors including commercial, corporate, educational, retail, hospitality and residential. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. Click on the services below for more information or contact us directly.

Commercial services

Cleaning services for the food, beverage and manufacturing industries.

Corporate services

For all general office cleaning and specialist cleaning services.

Education services

Dedicated to providing a clean environment for our future leaders to learn.


Providing cleaning solutions for general common areas, food courts, bathrooms and more.

Hospitality services

We offer specialist cleaning to clubs, pubs, hotels, function centres and restaurants.

Residential services

For all home cleaning services including specialty cleaning such as carpets and windows.